Club Exceutive

President : Michelle Smith
Vice President : Teagan Bown
Secretary : Ebony Thompson
Treasurer : Anthea Gallaugher
Social : Heather Little
Uniform/Equipment : Denise & Tamara Hughes
Committee : Paula Buttigieg
Committee : Karina Maconachie

 Season 2020

Thank You everybody for getting your registrations done.  Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 we have not been able to have a gathering to announce teams, hopefully somewhere in the season this will be possible and we can organise some social gathering/s to meet everybody.   So with no more to say here are the teams :


NiciciaAlivojvodic MaiahChiteta
AudreyCivitella ImogenPerry
AmelieDay IslaButtigieg
AnabelHarman ChelseaCresswell
LailahHutchinson AmiaKariyawasam
AmaliaKazandzis BellaRathbone
AntheaNovatsis RobynRedmond
DariaPatton DenasiaHunter
MakailaPop-Markov CelesteTemplin


Heather Little
Jessica Moxham

Please remember teams have been put together according to the outcomes of grading which should give a team of similar skill sets.  The next challenge will be to place you all into divisions that best suit you and lets you enjoy your season.  The club has nominated what they think and we are just waiting on PNA to confirm this.  Once we have the details we will let you all know.

TRAINING - Wednesday, 17th June 20

The Phase 3 venue restrictions require PNA to ensure that we have a limit of 300 people in the venue with training zones of 100 people.

In order to properly meet this requirement, the following processes need to be put in for training nights:

  • We come under Zone A so we will need to enter and exit from the gates nearest the State Netball Centre, see attached for details.
  • Teams are required to remain in their allocated zone and are not permitted to enter any other zones during training sessions.
  • We are required to have no more than 20 players on courts + Coaches at any given time.  
  • Spectators are not permitted to attend training.

We are required to manage training within 60 minutes so the girls need to :

  • Arrive at JUNIOR - 5:00PM OPEN - 6:30PM SHARP at Court 37 with water bottle (labeled) (can not access water at the centre)
  • Register Name and contact number on form the Coach will provide
  • Train
  • Finish Training JUNIOR - 5:55PM OPEN - 7:25PM and leave directly
  • PARENTS - please be at the gate to pick up at 6:00pm SHARP

PLEASE do not attend training if you are Unwell.  If you are unwell please phone or text 040 3310 589 to let us know you will not be attending.

Last but not least please NO High Fives, Hug etc. etc. are allowed  :( Hopefully we can get back to this in no time but for now, not allowed.  MAYBE we just get creative with our greetings :)

Thanks Again everybody for all your effort and I am really pleased we can finally get the season up and running.  See you all on Wednesday, 17th June 2020.


Now that we have a season, we will place the Uniform Orders.  We need approximately 4 weeks for order. amd at the moment this may be a little longer at the moment.  

Unfortunately the club will need to receive payment prior to purchasing the uniforms so if you are yet to pay please Direct Debit with Name into our account "Aronmore Jets Netball Club"

BSB : 016263  ACC#: 490767262

If you need to order and haven't yet PLEASE do so by emailing: by Friday, 19th June 2020.

Thanks again and look forward to 2020 Season.


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